• What does this service provide?

    This service provides a simple way to host a Fusio instance in the cloud. Fusio is a popular open source API management system which helps you to build great REST APIs. You can create and manage the instance through a simple web interface. We also automatically provide a SSL certificate for your instance.

  • How can I get access?

    You need a Github account to login to our service. After login only our donors can access this service who sponsor the project with at least 50$ a month. Through this we can cover our costs which we have for setting up the cloud instance.

  • How can I build my API

    Besides using Fusio to build your API you can also take a look at our APIgen project which provides a simple interface to generate a complete REST API based on an entity or OpenAPI specification.

  • I have a problem/question?

    In case you have a problem/question please use our contact form to get in touch with us.